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Britain switches off coal for 100 hours!

Over the bank holiday weekend Britain managed to survive for over 100 hours without using any electricity from coal fired power stations. This is apparently the longest time since the start of the industrial revolution! This was due to good…
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Solar power no longer needs subsidies in China

Solar power will achieve grid parity with coal in a third of China’s 31 provinces, according to Citigroup, allowing the renewables sector to continue its rapid expansion in spite of the slashing of government subsidies. This is great news…
focus on wind offshore installation turbine

Learn the basics of Offshore Wind with this easy to digest handbook of the fundamentals.  From initial concept and design optimisation, through to construction and maintenance.

Also check out our Glossary of Terms to keep you up to date with industry terminology

Video training coming soon!

Video training will be coming to this site soon!  We are very excited to be building a course for getting everyone up to speed with offshore wind farms.  Learn how one is designed and built, and learn the language along the way.


Get up to speed with how to build a real farm in easy to digest modules. Suitable for investors and employees alike


Play around and work out your cost per KWh. Download our FREE Android app from the Play Store HERE


In addition to the tools and the training, we offer tailored consultancy services for your needs. If you need support in simulating different scenarios for your wind farm, or you are an investor who wants technical due diligence on a new technology, we can help you

We at Focus On Wind are passionate about renewable energy. We believe that offshore wind especially is already having a massive impact securing our future energy supplies, and reducing the world’s production of green house gases.  We also believe that we are at the very beginning of the journey to “de-carbonise” the planet.  We are living in exciting times.  We want you to be part of it too.

Offshore Wind farm training

Secure & Reliable

Offshore wind farms are now so reliable that they have 98% availability

Offshore Wind farm training

Virtually subsidy free

Some of the most modern offshore wind farms are being built without help from any government subsidies

Offshore Wind farm training

Massive in scale

Modern offshore wind farms are generating as much energy as nuclear power stations.  Gone are the days of Mega Watts, many wind farms are now now quoted in Giga Watts !!!