Quick summary – Who are the courses for?

You are in the right place and we can help. We have made an online training course for anyone who needs to understand things fast. So whether you are an investment banker, an engineer, or an HR professional, by the end of the course you will be confident in explaining an offshore wind farm to other people. We do not assume you know the jargon, so we explain all this. We give you really life examples of how things work, and guide you step by step, from early stage development to construction and installation of these massive new wind farms!

Introducing – The Offshore Wind Accelerator!

This course is made and presented by people who have not just studied the industry, but have worked extensively in some of the word leading companies deeply involved in both construction, and new site project development.

So sign up today and accelerate your learning. As you will see, although this industry is already massive, we are only at the very beginning and we expect the industry to grow at an ever increasing pace! We are in exciting times.
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